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Our relationship all starts with an email!

I love to receive emails about upcoming weddings!  The details, the excitement, the happiness – it is contagious!

After our initial email we will follow up with a video chat or telephone call and discuss everything in more detail.

I’m honored that you are here considering me as your wedding photographer & I would love to be there to capture your Day 1 as an official family.

What types of camera do you use?
I use Nikon digital camera bodies.

Do you have backup equipment if anything breaks?

Do you have Liability Insurance?

How much experience do you have and do you have any extra training?
I have been shooting weddings professionally as a lead or second photographer since 2014.

What time do you usually arrive to my wedding site?
The timeline for your wedding will be discussed prior to wedding.  When I arrive at your wedding site all depends on the coverage you’ve selected.

How will you dress for my wedding?
I will dress as if I was a guest attending your wedding. 

Is there a written contract?
Absolutely. You will receive a copy of the written contract at the time of booking and all terms & conditions will be outlined in the contract including the date, number of hours of service, delivery and cancellation policy along with other details.  

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