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Enjoy a storybook city for your exciting honeymoon chapter…Amsterdam


Honeymoons use to be all about a tropical beach getaway, but these days many couples are more interested in finding a destination that matches their unique style and personality.

The Toren Hotel – Amsterdam

Many couples thinking of romantic European cities, conjure up thoughts of Paris and Rome.    Although many don’t think of it, Amsterdam should top that list as well.   Amsterdam is actually a very dreamy honeymoon destination filled with old world charm and modern amenities, and in some cases is more economical than the more famously labeled romantic European cities.

A storybook city known for its canals, row houses and bicycling culture, it’s a picturesque location that should be on many couple’s consideration list.   Amsterdam is a mix of new and old, of nightlife and culture, and yes, love and romance.

Amsterdam is a very much a modern capital filled with hip, contemporary design, top-notch restaurants and edgy fashion.  Romantic sidewalk cafes and outdoor restaurants abound where honeymooners can share a sweet treat or a few glasses of wine, while enjoying life as newlyweds.

Couples can stroll hand-in-hand along a canal, under pretty trees with street lights illuminated and shimmer on the evening water.   It’s a laid back city, but also offers much in the way of nightlife…something to suit any couple’s tastes and desires.   Amsterdam is very walkable and couples can simply get lost among the city’s streets and canals.   

The Toren Hotel – Canal View

Amsterdam is also a very “bike-able” destination.   For the Dutch, riding a bike comes as natural as breathing.   It’s how they commute to work, go to school and shop.   Numerous hotels will rent bicycles or couples can find many rental locations around the city.

The city also offers fantastic art such as the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt House Museum and the famous Rijksmuseum.   History buffs will be in awe of a visit to the Anne Frank house as well.   Some couples may want to work in a side-trip to Belgium, including a stop somewhere such as picturesque Bruges, which is only a two hour train ride away.

Despite its reputation for lenient drug laws and the racey Red Light District, if couples avoid questionable areas, it is a city filled with just as much history, culture and luxury as any other popular European honeymoon destinations.   Most of the locals in Amsterdam speak English and are extremely friendly and helpful, making it a great honeymoon pick.

Couples may consider it as a destination in and of itself, or paired along with a few other great European cities to create a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel

Hotel photos provided by The Toren – Amsterdam 

Relax in private luxury on the beautiful island of St. Barts…

Villa Marie – Saint-Barth

These days many newlyweds have already had the luxury of traveling extensively before getting married.   Couples who are looking at the Caribbean, but wanting a destination that neither of them have been to, may want to consider the tiny island of St. Barts.

It’s a mix of easy island living, with a chic European vibe thrown in.   A place where you may rub elbows with celebrities, fashion models and the jet-set crowd.  Where you will see yachts docked in the marina and photo shoots for magazines and catalogs taking place.   Because of the lack of ease in getting there, and the expense, it is certainly a favorite for the Hollywood crowd.

This French West Indies island offers tranquil turquoise waters, duty-free boutique shopping, wonderful cuisine with French and Creole influences, and optimal weather during their peak season from December to May.   The rest of the year can be beautiful as well, with the knowledge that the summer months may bring hurricanes.

Although a bit harder to get to than some of the other islands, it can be reached by flying from the U.S. to St. Martin and catching a locally operated 10-minute flight over to St Barts.   Some additional service may be found from San Juan, St Thomas and Antigua as well.

This island is all about sophistication, people-watching from a café along the waterfront, and just basking the sun.  The island is home to a number of incredible public beaches, where you can snorkel and swim. Topless sunbathing is a rather common practice on St. Barts beaches.  

Gustavia Harbor – St. Barts

French and European influences can be found everywhere. From the architecture, to the language, to the food and attitude. Residents and guests alike, have a love for food, drink and having a good time.

Couples should be aware that not only is it a destination that is not easy to get to, it is also not inexpensive.   Many of the small, intimate hotels are rather costly.   But for couples who can afford it, and enjoy their privacy, this may prove to be a winning honeymoon destination.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel

Hotel photos provided by Villa Marie – Saint-Barth 

Hit the road for your honeymoon…

Charleston, South Carolina

Honeymooners who don’t want the hassle of getting a passport and traveling outside the U.S. for their honeymoon, yet want a romantic locale, can look no further than the lovely city of Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston is “hot” right now.   This popular city is engaging and romantic, and its Southern charm is evident everywhere.   From the oak tree-lined streets, to the horse-drawn carriages seen throughout the city…and from the southern hospitality to the antebellum mansions, this is a city filled with romance.   

The best time of year to honeymoon in Charleston is in spring or late fall.   This avoids the hot sticky summers and the potential for storms during hurricane season.   With these popular times, bring the crowds, so couples will want to be sure to book well in advance to get the accommodations they desire.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

There are a number of high-end hotels and boutique properties that cater to those looking for a bit more in the way of atmosphere, as well as numerous chain-hotels that will help keep the budget intact.    Certainly something for every wallet.

Charleston offers so much to see and do.   High on the list for history buffs is a visit to Fort Sumter, where the first battle of the Civil War took place.   A boat ride will transfer visitors over for a tour of the fort.    For more history, couples can visit one of many southern plantations in the surrounding area, or take in a haunted tour at the old local jail.

Fort Sumter Charleston Harbor

There is wonderful shopping along the cobblestone streets, from small boutiques to name-brand stores.    A walk along King Street will cover any couple’s shopping needs….with modern shops on Upper King and antiquing on Lower King.   And for those in Charleston on the Second Sunday of each month, they close off a portion of the street to become a pedestrian walkway.    Couples can also check out Marion Square on Saturday mornings for live music and food.

And if shopping isn’t enough, foodies will love the culinary scene in Charleston.    One of the best areas is surrounding the City Market.    The area offers an abundance of restaurants, along with arts & craft-style shopping booths.    Honeymoons can indulge upscale, wonderful southern cuisine…crab cakes, po’boy sandwiches, fried green tomatoes, grits, waffles & chicken and much more.    No one will go hungry in Charleston.

Honeymoons looking to just stroll the romantic streets, take in a little history along the way, and dine at some incredible restaurants, should consider checking out Charleston.     It’s a fantastic place to take in all the charm and hospitality of the South.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel

Resort photos provided by Kiawah Island Golf Resort 

Connect spiritually on your honeymoon in an exotic paradise.

Turta Gangga – Bali Royal Water Palace

For couples wanting the exotic, the beautiful, the spiritual, for their honeymoon, should look no further than Bali.   This lush volcanic island in Indonesia, is home to pristine beaches, exquisite architecture and fertile rice paddies. The beaches are perfect for romantic relaxation or action and activities, the choice is theirs.

Temple Bratan Lake

This part of Indonesia is home to pirates, dragons and misty mountains…and Bali offers some of the most beautiful accommodations to stay in anywhere in the world.   Gorgeous, romantic and memorable hotels are numerous, and make for an incredible honeymoon location.  From 5-star hotels to backpacker beach huts, there are places to stay for all budgets.

This sun-kissed, vibrant and stylish island of Bali is just right for honeymooners. A blend of architecture, culture and stunning natural beauty, it’s a destination associated with tranquility and relaxation.   It is a spiritual and magical place, which has retained its authenticity and culture, and also its pristine beaches and green-hued lush landscapes. 

Honeymooners can visit the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud, which is famous for art and craft, including carvings. In the world famous arts center of Ubud, couples will find numerous galleries, museums and varied cultural performances.

Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

There are endless ways couples can make this exotic destination even more memorable.   They can hike to Uluwatu and arrange for a Jimbaran sunset dinner, or they can dine on a 5-course meal, in a cave at Samabe Resort.

They may opt to take a helicopter ride over Bali to view the spectacular coastline and Mount Batur’s caldera, or they may choose to make a wish for lasting love at the 700 year old Great Banyan Tree in the north.   Just a few of the romantic adventures honeymooners can partake in.

Couples will want to consider when the ideal time is to travel to this part of Indonesia.   The dry season is from April to September and is also when humidity is at its lowest.  But that is also when prices are at their highest, during the peak of that time, between July and September.

With its beaches, palm trees and warm, blue waters, Bali delivers on all that honeymooners would expect of a tropical island.  For most, its most powerful draw is the island’s varied landscape of beach and volcanic land; for others the appeal lies in the spiritual culture.   Either way, it’s an ideal honeymoon destination.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel

Resort photo provided by Anantara Uluwatu Bali 


The Maldives… I’ll take 2 tickets to paradise

Luxury Maldives Villas by Anantara

The Maldives are a group of 1,192 islands located between the eastern coast of Africa and the southern the tip of India, and are part of the Asian continent.   And are simply paradise on earth.

The beaches of the Maldives, many of them untouched by human feet, are an oasis unlike any other beach locale.   Imagine laying on the silky white sand with your new spouse, taking a dip in the clear turquoise water, while it’s just the two of you alone on an entire island. The intimate setting this country offers to newlyweds, makes it a different honeymoon from any other.

The most ideal time to visit the Maldives is between November and April.  Couples who are interested in deep sea diving, should visit during April for clearest waters.  It’s advised to avoid traveling there from August to October when they can be affected by tropical cyclones.

Maldives is a destination for couples who like an indulgent style and are looking to be pampered.   It’s a rather extravagant trip, but one they won’t soon forget.    So for couples who want to spend their honeymoon in a little piece of heaven on earth, with the love of their life, this is the place they should be looking at. 

Honeymooners looking for true natural beauty, away from the distractions of other tourists, should consider a romantic stay in the Maldives.   There are an abundance of coral reefs for snorkeling, rich marine life, fishing and endless beaches.   Water sports abound with surf lessons, wake-boarding, windsurfing, sailing and more.   And all couples should be sure to visit the bioluminescence beaches at night.

Couples can take a flightseeing tour or the islands in a seaplane, visit the glowing beach at night, or if all of this is too tame, they can visit the capital of Male and tour fish markets, art galleries and the National Museum.

Sea – Underwater Restaurant

The island boast numerous luxury resorts, many with over-the-water bungalows and spas, and some with under water rooms.  Or couples may choose to island-hop instead, aboard a small ship cruise sailing to remote, uninhabited islands and deserted beaches.  

Whatever they choose to do, or not to do, this will surely be one memorable honeymoon they won’t soon forget.   An exotic destination like no other.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel

Photos provided by Anantara – Kihavah Maldives Villas 


A honeymoon destination you can truly enjoy year round. Experience the adventurous outdoors of the Land of Fire & Ice….Iceland

Kirkjufe Volcano – Iceland

Iceland may not be the first place that pops into the minds of honeymooners, but for those who are adventurous, outdoorsy and active, it’s the perfect match….the Land of Fire & Ice.

Largely uninhabited, Iceland’s landscape changes every few minutes. Honeymooners can go from volcanic, lunar-like landscapes, to grassy green hills, to thundering waterfalls and spouting geysers.   Located only a 5 1/2 hour flight from New York, it closer than the rest of Europe. 

From trekking on glaciers, to enjoying the long days under the midnight sun, a summer honeymoon in Iceland is filled with endless adventures.  Honeymooners can visit countless waterfalls, rugged canyons, the winding coastline and even the interior of this island nation.  Honeymooners can explore the geothermal areas, go whale watching or take a glacier lake cruise.

Northern Lights – Iceland

Winter on the other hand offers the magic of the Northern Lights.   Couples can go snowmobiling, join an ice cave exploration and enjoy one of the many natural hot springs around the country.   Iceland is truly the perfect destination year round..

The capitol of Iceland is the hip city of Reykjavik, the world’s northern-most capitol.   Here couples will find unbelievable nightlife…numerous bars and clubs will keep them partying into the wee hours of the morning.   If that’s not their cup of tea, they can head outside of the city on a self-drive of the Ring Road, going toward the east or the west to explore the unsurpassed beauty of this incredible island nation.   Some describe it as otherworldly and one of the most unique destinations you can visit.

There are many romantic and secluded accommodations….from B&B’s to Guesthouses to wonderful inns and hotels, located all over this amazing country, from the coasts to the mountains.  As secluded as this destination is, they have all the conveniences of the rest of the world.

Golden Circle – Iceland

Couples can explore the Golden Circle outside of Reykjavik, with it’s geysers, waterfalls and volcanoes.   And of course the world famous, Blue Lagoon geothermal waters.   Located near the airport, it’s a perfect stop off on arrival or before departing for home, to complete your magical stay.. 

An Iceland honeymoon can be as relaxing or adventurous as a couple wants it to be, but it’s sure to bring a bit of magic to your special getaway.  

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel


A romantic honeymoon you will never forget..… Italy

A romantic honeymoon you will never forget..… Italy
There is no where else quite like it.   A fantastic destination filled with romance, gorgeous scenery, amazing cuisine, some of the best wine in the world and history and culture that dates back 3000 years.   Italy.

It is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places anywhere in the world.   A country that offers picturesque landscapes, vibrant cities, unmatched history and art, delicious food and wine, along with a slower paced way of life to help honeymooners relax and simply absorb the warmth and passion of it’s culture and people.

This is a country that beckons to lovers of all ages. The magical countryside offers the perfect atmosphere for a romantic honeymoon.   Charming villages, winding lanes, intimate inns and hotels, and warm people, embrace couples wherever they go.   The cities are full of culture, history and adventure.   The vibe of Italy is encompassing and unexplainable, but once you’ve experienced the romance there, you’ll always remember it.

There are endless things to see and do….from romantic gondola rides along the canals of Venice, to food and art tours in Florence, and private guided tours around Rome,… or simply relaxing along the Amalfi Coast.   There is so much to see and do, couples will have to make plans to return another time (for an anniversary perhaps) to experience more of this wonderfully romantic country.

Villa Rufolo Gardens and the Amalfi Coast – Italy

Food and wine play a big role in the Italian lifestyle, so couples should plan on eating and drinking a great deal.   There are fantastic little cafes and warm, wonderful dining spots everywhere.  And the people of Italy match that warmth and charm wherever couples may venture.

Italy is also a photographer’s dream….so honeymooners should be sure to grab their camera and be prepared to take in the scenic beauty and amazing sights they will see in this one of a kind place.  

Honeymooners should plan on spending at least 10 days in Italy, if not more.   Many take their first trip to the big three….Rome, Florence and Venice, but many will also include places like the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, the Lakes region and other lesser known locales.   But regardless where they visit, it will be a honeymoon filled with romance and love…one they will never forget.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel


Start you honeymoon together in one of the most romantic places in the world. Come experience the one and only city of love… Paris

Start you honeymoon together in one of the most romantic places in the world.   Come experience the one and only city of love... Paris

Saint James Paris – Relais & Chateaux

Think of Paris and you immediately think romance. It is a city featuring a combination of incredible architecture, amazing food and wine, and art like you will find nowhere else in the world.

Start you honeymoon together in one of the most romantic places in the world.   Come experience the one and only city of love... Paris
You’ve heard it called “The City of Lights”, but some also call it “The City of Love,” and for good reason….making it one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations.  A place known for gourmet cuisine, numerous historical sites and world renowned architecture, Paris proves to be one of the most romantic places in the world.   What better location to start your new life together as honeymooners but in Paris.

Start you honeymoon together in one of the most romantic places in the world.   Come experience the one and only city of love... Paris

As long as one can remember, lovers have noted that there is no place more romantic, magical and alluring.   The wine, the food, the charming hotels… paired with lazy afternoons just people-watching from a local café.   And even the sound of the French language are among this destination’s seductions.

Start you honeymoon together in one of the most romantic places in the world.   Come experience the one and only city of love... Paris

Couples will want to be sure to visit the famed Pont des Art Bridge, where lovers have met for years to place a lock on the bridge (this is discouraged now, so tying a ribbon is the new practice) which symbolizes your commitment of love to one another.

Start you honeymoon together in one of the most romantic places in the world.   Come experience the one and only city of love... Paris

There are so many sites to take in as newlyweds…..artwork at The Louvre, the sights from The Eiffel Tower at night, a stroll along the Champs Elysees.

Start you honeymoon together in one of the most romantic places in the world.   Come experience the one and only city of love... Paris

Sail along the Seine through the heart of Paris, visit Notre Dame, wander the cobblestone streets or take in dinner and show at Moulin Rouge. Couples can visit the Rodin Museum where works like the “The Kiss” can be found.

Start you honeymoon together in one of the most romantic places in the world.   Come experience the one and only city of love... Paris
But for all of the activities there are in Paris, couples should also plan to kick back, relax and just soak in the atmosphere…..and just enjoy being a couple together in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

There’s no other city quite like it, especially for newlyweds….what’s not to love about honeymooning in Paris?

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel

Hotel photos provided by Saint James Paris – Relais & Chateaux


Vintage Reflections of a Time Forgotten

Vintage Reflections of a Time Forgotten

The Mary Stegmaier Mansion – Wilkes-Barre, PA

The bride and groom-to-be will experience the singular charm of stepping back in time to the early twentieth century at the Mary Stegmaier Mansion in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Built in 1910 by George and Mary Stegmaier, the beautiful, newly renovated fifteen-thousand-square-foot property sparkles with art nouveau décor, period-style furnishings, and artwork that delights wedding parties and their guests alike. The serenity and romance of a time forgotten resonate in surroundings that accentuate beauty for its own sake.  

Vintage Reflections of a Time Forgotten

The property boasts a grand ballroom that seats in excess of one hundred fifty people, and an exquisite stained-glass solarium casts a luminescent glow on the festivities that evokes feelings of intimacy and nostalgia. 

Vintage Reflections of a Time Forgotten

The property is open for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, wedding celebrations, receptions and brunch, and the mansion’s dedicated staff works tirelessly with each couple to personalize their own unique wedding.

Vintage Reflections of a Time Forgotten

Celebrate the best moments of your life at the Mary Stegmaier mansion, where the past and present merge to create magic and memories that endure forever.

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Photos provided by Studio 63.

Make your honeymoon a great experience… with a getaway close to home. Enjoy the calm, relaxing sun in Great Exuma.

Make your honeymoon a great experience… with a getaway close to home.  Enjoy the calm, relaxing sun in Great Exuma.

Grand Isle Resort & Spa

Exuma.   Even the names sounds exotic.   But this chain of islands in the Bahamas is so close to home for many on the east coast, it makes for a quick, easy and absolutely amazing honeymoon destination for those seeking solitude and relaxation.

 Great Exuma Island is home to a well known all-inclusive resort, as well as villa/residential and smaller boutique accommodations.   This destination is a truly relaxing one, but still offers numerous adventure activities.   The scenery is stunning, with white sand beaches and crystal clear multi-blue colored water.   The weather is ideal….balmy and breezy.

Make your honeymoon a great experience… with a getaway close to home.  Enjoy the calm, relaxing sun in Great Exuma.

Great Exuma Island has a population of around 4,000 and offers a serene and peaceful time.     Compared to other islands, Great Exuma is not overrun by tourists or cruise ships, making for a truly relaxing getaway.   The island is relatively secluded and offers couples the chance to hide away on a white sand beach, or enjoy a picnic for two in a private cay.   There are no beach vendors selling their wares….just quiet, calm and relaxing places to sun yourself and let the day drift by.  

 But it’s not all relaxation time for those looking for some excitement.  There are options to play golf at a championship golf course with views that you can’t imagine.   Couples can play tennis, visit a spa, go scuba diving, participate in world class fishing, along with a host of other water sports.   Experienced guides are for hire and they are happy to add some extra adrenaline into your Caribbean honeymoon. Truly something for everyone.

Make your honeymoon a great experience… with a getaway close to home.  Enjoy the calm, relaxing sun in Great Exuma.

Great Exuma offers an abundance of history and culture as well. Couples can visit the remains of cotton growing and salt farm plantations at Williams Town.  History abounds at Elizabeth Harbor which was once a favorite stop for pirates. The harbor is home to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park as well.

Make your honeymoon a great experience… with a getaway close to home.  Enjoy the calm, relaxing sun in Great Exuma.

Couples seeking adventure will be enticed by the endless amount of activities available on Great Exuma Island.   Couples won’t want to miss a boat tour to visit the famous swimming pigs!  For anyone who follows a popular “dating” show on TV, you may remember the cast visiting these well-known swimming pigs!    In addition, couples can visit an nearby island where you can go ashore and feed grapes to the hundreds of iguanas that emerge from the foliage when they hear your boat pull up.   Truly a sight to see!

Make your honeymoon a great experience… with a getaway close to home.  Enjoy the calm, relaxing sun in Great Exuma.Greg Norman 18 Hole Golf Course

 A honeymoon in this romantic Caribbean location will surely be memorable.   Great Exuma guarantees lasting memories of days in the sun, fun and romance!   A truly relaxing destination, off the beaten path, but so close to home.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel


Photos provided by Grand Isle Resort & Spa – Great Exuma

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