No, there wasn’t a real life game of Clue which took place. And, no, there isn’t a ghost plaguing guests in some non-existent room. However big things are happening at the East Mountain Inn, and employees seem rather tight lipped about the changes taking place.

Thanks to a working knowledge of basic detective skills we picked up from watching reruns of Law and Order, we were able to deduce a few things. One, is that we know they‘re renovating. Two, we know the ballroom, hallways, and front desk will be fully renovated. And three, the big one…is still a mystery.

Okay, we never said we were very good detectives. But we do know one thing — whatever is happening seems very, very, exciting. Maybe we’re wrong, but when was the last time you heard a boring secret?

If you’re tying the ol’ knot, East Mountain Inn might prove to be a delightful little surprise. So, keep your eyes peeled in the near future for what these mysterious changes turn out to be. You never know — East Mountain Inn just may be the best surprise since the day he popped the question.

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