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In my 23 years of serving as an officiant for hundreds of couples, these are a few of the more common questions I have received:

Q.  How far in advance do you recommend we select an officiant?

As soon as you set a date for your wedding and reserve your venue, I recommend engaging your officiant so that the date and time for your wedding are confirmed with your preferred officiant. I often have couples who call me in what they think is a “reasonable” time before the wedding, only to learn that their selected date is already booked.

Q. My fiance’ and I are from different faiths.  Can we customize our Ceremony or do you have a set format?

This is YOUR wedding, not mine! It is my joy to support you to design a Ceremony that will be a cherished memory for both you and your guests.

Q. My fiance’ and I are not religious, yet we would like a Ceremony that would be more than just saying “I do.”

Your wedding Ceremony will be most meaningful as, together, you select readings that “speak” to who you are as individuals.

Q. Are we required to attend classes or counseling before the wedding?

I meet with my couples for about an hour so that we can get to know each other. This enables me to personalize the Ceremony so that it is unique to each couple. No classes are required.

Q. Can we include children from a previous relationship in our Ceremony?

A Sand Ceremony is one of the ways to create a very special space for your children to really know that they’re part of a new family unit where they’re very loved and accepted.

Q. We’d like to have friends or family members share readings during the Ceremony. Is that OK?

Absolutely!  I recommend inviting individuals who feel comfortable doing a reading and will clearly deliver the meaningful reading you’ve selected.

Q. Do we need a rehearsal?

I have officiated at many Ceremonies where there was no rehearsal the evening before. I meet with members of the wedding party 30 minutes before the Ceremony. We have a brief time of instruction, and all goes well.  In the case where there are young children in the wedding party, I recommend having a rehearsal.

Q.  We’re a non-traditional couple. What kind of Ceremony can you offer to us?

In addition to the “traditional” Candlelighting Ceremony, the following mini-ceremonies hold much meaning:  Sand Ceremony…Handfasting Ceremony…Hands Ceremony…Love Notes and Wine Ceremony….Tree Planting Ceremony. Please feel free to ask me about them…



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