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Welcome to Dreamcatcher Photography

Lifestyle photography for the discerning bride

We believe that photography is an art, and even more so, the art of portraiture is something to be valued. To capture a portrait of someone, whether it is in a formal setting or a spontaneous turn of the head, is a blend of fine art and the human spirit, for true portraiture is to capture not just a moment, but a memory. A feeling that transcends you.

We offer you a photography like few others; the capturing of a mood, the attention to detail, the signature albums and canvases to display your images on. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. For since we take such pride in our work, and love it more with each passing day, our ideas are always fresh, and the event which we capture for you will be unlike any other.

How will we capture the essence of you?

Call us to find out.
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