Celebrate your luck with love…take a honeymoon getaway on the romantic Emerald Isle of Ireland.


The Emerald Isle – Ireland

Many thinking of a honeymoon conjure up thoughts of a warm-weather, all-inclusive style getaway.   But some newlyweds who want to veer away from the typical honeymoon spots, may want to consider the romantic Emerald Isle… Ireland.

Flights from the east coast are fairly short, at about 6 1/2 hours, with many airlines offering non-stop service to Dublin and Shannon.  Couples may not find an abundance of sunshine, but they will be transported into a misty land of rainbows and jagged cliffs, castles from fairytales that overlook blue lakes and warm, cozy pubs for sipping a pint of Guinness.


Dublin is a great city for walking, with plenty of things to do.  Couples will witness Dublin’s rich history in its classic architecture while walking the city streets.   They can taste the farm-to-table dining in one of many organic restaurants, and find the city’s poetic side with its varied literary, music and art scenes..


The Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

After spending some time in and around Dublin, honeymooners can rent a car and get out into the romantic countryside.   As they travel around the various towns, they will find beautiful scenery, lush foliage and rolling hills. Couples will enjoy some quiet time together is part of the allure of escaping to the countryside.   The sightseeing options abound.   Kissing the Blarney Stone, visiting the Cliffs of Moher, driving the Ring of Kerry, and so much more.   Ireland will hold an even greater draw for those honeymooners with Irish heritage.


Honeymooners can choose from various types of accommodations….everything from quaint B&Bs to historic castles, many of which offer a secluded retreat for romance.   There are 5-star hotels, to moderately priced boutique properties…a wide choice of where to stay and cost to stay there.   The options are endless.


So for couples looking for something different from the norm….why not head to the romantic Emerald Isle.   An Ireland honeymoon is an enduring experience that will stay with a couple forever.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel


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