Set your voyage of love…with a honeymoon cruise.

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This is where the Love Boat got its start….setting off on the high seas for a romantic getaway.   Cruising is actually a great way to spend a Honeymoon.   After the stress and anxiety of all the wedding planning, most couples are ready to slip away to relax and be pampered.   What better way to do that and visit multiple destinations while only unpacking once.   

Taking a cruise on your honeymoon is a great way to hit up several destinations while taking in the views.   Couples can choose cruise itineraries to exotic destinations, while having their accommodations, gourmet meals, professional entertainment and transportation — all in one easy place.   A cruise delivers all that for one price. 

Most couples know that there are a multitude of choices for both destinations, types of cabins and onboard activities.    Some mega-ships could simply sail the ocean and honeymooners could find plenty to do without ever going ashore.

When planning an unforgettable honeymoon, there are so many reasons to choose a cruise. They offer convenience, a variety of shows and activities, relaxation and pampering in the spa.  A honeymoon cruise let’s couples simply pick their dream itinerary and just coast, letting the attentive staff take care of the rest. With numerous onboard dining and entertainment options the ship becomes their stress-free sanctuary at sea.  Cruises offer the ideal blend of activity and leisure. And, with all these details taken care of, the couple can focus on what’s really important…each other.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel

Photos provided by Princess Cruises

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