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A Fabulous Event Awaits You…

At Lavender Linens, our goal is to give you the event you’ve always dreamed of. Something that reflects your unique personality and style. An event that you and your guests will delight in

How far in advance should I reserve my date?

It’s always a good idea to book as soon as you book the reception, especially if the event date is in a popular month or weekend. However, we keep our inventory well stocked, for those last minute, got to have those moments!

Do you have photos of your previous work?

We try to keep the website up to date, but you can find the majority of our events on Facebook and Twitter.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order. You can’t put a minimum on style. We do offer discounts on multiple orders though.

Is delivery, setup and take down included?

When you’re quoted a price at Lavender there are no hidden fees, so yes!

What is required to place an order?

A $50 minimum holds the date with final payment due 7 days before the event.

What should I do with linens prior to returning them?

Depending on previous arrangements, we will work with facility for pick up.

Do you offer insurance against damaged items?

We don’t, and thank heavens, it has never been an issue.

What is your ordering and payment process?

We have a standard contract that explains all that, but each order is handled in a manner best suited for both parties.

What if I have to change my date?

Our deposits and non-refundable but transferable!

What is your cancellation policy?

Once again, we haven’t encountered that, but we would certainly work with the client and their situation.

Is there a written contract?

Yes, a very simple, basic and easily understandable contract.

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