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At Creative Cakes & Desserts we understand the importance of an impressive wedding cake on your big day. We work closely with you to make sure there are no unwanted surprises on the day of your wedding. Please call us at 570-585-0223 to set up your personal consultation and tasting.

 Creative Cakes & Desserts has been preparing delectable treats in Clarks Summit for years. We use only fresh, all-natural ingredients in everything we make. Our commitment to quality is evident once you try one of our delicious, hand-made creations. Come stop by our bakery and see for yourself!

At Creative Cakes & Desserts, you’ll find a full range of custom cakes,wedding cakes,cookies and miniature pastries.When your looking for that extra special dessert for your special day. 


Can we see photos of your wedding cakes and their setup?


What flavors and fillings are available?

There are many different options available, which you can check out on our website

What are your wedding cake style options?

We offer many different cake styles. The bride and groom can choose from one of the many we have or bring in a picture of one they want.

Are your cakes created from scratch or do you buy store bought ingredients?

Yes our cakes are made from scratch.

Do you freeze your cakes for long periods of time?

No, we do not freeze our cakes at all.

How long before the wedding is the cake baked?

24-48 hours prior to the wedding day.

Can you accommodate any dietary restrictions?

Yes, we have made gluten free, eggless and dairy free cakes.

How long have you been baking and do you have any additional experience?

We have 28 years experience baking, and we have been in business for 15 years.

Can we add fresh flowers on the cake?

Yes, you can use your florist or we can provide fresh flowers for your cake.

Can we schedule a cake tasting?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment and cake tasting by calling us at 570-585-0223

Will you personally transport the cake?

Yes I personally transport and set up your wedding cake.

What is your delivery policy?

There is no delivery charge for Clarks Summit, Scranton and the surrounding areas. We deliver within an hour radius and delivery charges vary depending on the destination.

How will the cake be displayed?

How you would want your cake displayed will be discussed when you order your cake.

How does your staff dress for the Wedding?

Your cake will be delivered prior to the wedding therefore we are not present at the wedding.

Is there a cake cutting fee?

That depends on your venue and should be discussed with the venue prior to ordering your cake.

Are there any additional charges?

Depending on special requests, there could be additional charges.

What is your ordering and payment process?

We can take your order the day of your appointment or you can schedule a second appointment to discuss final details. We require 25% down and the balance is due one week before the wedding.

Do you have insurance?


How far in advance do I need to order my cake?

Generally cake orders are placed at least two-three months in advanced. However some weekends get booked fast so if you can book sooner it is better.

What if my wedding date changes?

We will work with you to help ensure you will have your cake on your special day.

Is there a written contract?


What is the cancellation policy? Is the deposit refundable?

Wedding cakes cancelled prior to 30 days before the wedding date will receive a refund on their deposit. Wedding cakes cancelled less than 30 days in advanced are subject to a nonrefundable deposit.

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