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Black Tie for the New Year





The Black Tie EVP experience on your special day is about to cross from great into EPIC! The year 2015 is going to usher in some of the latest techniques and features ready to make each wedding experience one that not only the couple will remember but so will the guests.

Black Tie already offers a full array of services including DJ, video, photography, photo booth, custom lighting and event management for any function, but the things are really about to step it up a notch.






The photo booth alone is getting a boost. Already offering the area’s only Black Light Photo Booth, they will be offering customized signs, and even a chance for everyone to take a print home with a pose of the bride and groom from their creative session earlier in the day! Whether you’re putting on Mickey Mouse mitts or a white fedora, the fun for your guests will create laughs and pictures for years to come.

One of the best new features Black Tie EVP is going to be offering is an animated gobo (or “go between”). It’s one thing to see your new name on paper, or the typical monogram with lights, but what about animated lights? The animated monogram can spell your name on the dance floor or on a wall across the room, and get the party going with a personalized touch that will make your heart flutter.

– N. Henderson

Black Tie EVP

Four Points by Sheraton Scranton – At Your Service…

If you’re wondering what happened to the Clarion Hotel, you may be surprised to find out that it’s now turned into the Four Points by Sheraton Scranton. And with that name change has come an exciting new look and some fantastic new amenities.

After a five million dollar renovation, the Four Points by Sheraton Scranton has freshened up, demolitioned, and redone nearly every aspect of the hotel.  It’s a whole new experience up to and including the addition of the full service restaurant, the Electric Grill and Bar, which is open everyday for breakfast and dinner to both hotel guests and the public.

Ready to seat and take care of your guests before, during, and after your event, the Sheraton’s 135-room hotel has an array of amenities including free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, a pool, a hot tub, and in-room dining.  The banquet facilities can seat up to 250 guests with an array of menu to suit any event you may be planning.  Our chef is happy to create a custom menu as well.

Hosting a beautiful, natural color scheme, the Four Points by Sheraton features a modern yet rustic feel.  With blue stone adorning the outside walls and barn doors scattered throughout, the hotel combines the old and the new together into an exciting wedding experience.

– N. Henderson

Four Points by Sheraton

The Top 10 Honeymoons with a Destination just for two









1.  Jamaica

Jamaican me happy!

Jamaica has it all — beautiful beaches, wonderful people, and the world’s best jerk chicken. A delightful island world like this is a magnificent place to kick off the start of your new life together! The resorts are reasonably priced, with an easy flight, great All-Inclusive/Adults-only options. During the day visit the famous Rick’s Café, or Dunn’s River Falls. Eat world class food and, yes, after you can even bobsled (and you thought that was just a movie!).  At night, take in the vibes of the native reggae music, and just relax into this beautiful island world.



2.  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Picture yourself stretched out on the palm tree beaches, as you relax into the lap of absolute luxury.

Sure, the resorts are beautiful, and the beaches are world-class, but don’t be afraid to venture outside your hotel or resort.  Explore the Samana Peninsula on horseback! Just a thirty minute plane ride away lies a grand adventure. Even the truck ride from the airport is exciting, as you make your way through the peninsula’s extraordinary, mountainous terrain.  During your excursion you’ll visit the famous “El Salto del Limon” waterfall, and soak in the natural beauty of the peninsula.



3.  Riviera Maya/Cancun, Mexico

Parties, culture, and even ancient ruins of lost civilizations, these two places are sure to win you over.

An easy flight, and great day tour options, The Riviera Maya/Cancun, Mexico is a fantastic choice for a honeymoon getaway. 

During your stay in the Riviera Maya, an absolute must is a visit to the world-renowned Mayan temple ruins.  Step back in time to the days of ancient Mayans as you explore one of the most riveting ancient sites in the entire world.

In Cancun, visit the Underwater Museum of Art. Yes, that’s right, snorkel your way through the over 200 life-size concrete figures, which form an amazing artificial reef. And here’s a tip: one of the most delicious adventures you’ll ever take your taste buds on, you absolutely have to eat at John Gray’s restaurant.


4.  St. Lucia, Caribbean

An undeniably breathtaking sovereign island in the Caribbean, St. Lucia offers gorgeous beaches, and an unbeatable exotic feel.

Getting married in July? Visit during Carnival and experience the color, costumes and calypso. See first-hand the grand procession and excitement through the streets of Castries on Carnival Monday.

And don’t forget to visit one of the world’s most significant religious buildings, The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Built by the French during the 19th century, its West Indian murals will leave you in awe.


5.  Aruba

Perhaps there was a reason The Beach Boys mentioned it first when they sang,Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya…

Maybe it’s because Aruba is a safe bet as the island is outside of the hurricane belt, or maybe because it has great day tours, shopping, restaurants, beautiful beaches, and incredible water sports. Whatever the reason, this beautiful island offers Parasailing, Snorkeling at De Palm Island, and don’t forget the amazing food! And an absolute must is watching a sunrise at The California Lighthouse. If you’re not an early bird, the sunsets are just as beautiful.

6.  Cruises

It was Jimmy Buffet who said, “Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes.”

A cruise is a great option, and there’s something for every budget. Ships sailing from NYC/NJ area offer the option to not have to fly somewhere, and you get to see numerous islands in one trip. And of course there’s the spectacular nightlife onboard.


7.  Costa Rica, Central America

Leave your worries at home and set sail for this majestic world.

Visit Costa Rica, the destination for the adventurous traveler. Go zip-lining, explore the rainforest, view the exotic wildlife, or snorkel and scuba dive. While you’re there don’t forget to visit the hot springs and many beaches. Costa Rica is for the couple that doesn’t want to be cooped up in their hotel the whole time (but, of course they have that option, too!).


 8.  Hawaii

The unparalleled islands of Hawaii got Elvis all shook up, and it’ll do the same to you!

Known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, Hawaii offers so much for you to do. There are tons of day trips and sightseeing adventures. It’s exotic, and you can hop from island to island.

Say Aloha to adventure as you hike Kauai Island’s Napali Coast, known for its Fertile and lush landscape. Escape into the beauty of this destination as you begin your journey along the 11 mile trail.


9.  Italy

In Vino Veritas means ‘In wine, there is truth’.  And in Italy, there is wine!

It’s a dream destination for those looking for culture, history, walking tours, sightseeing, wine, and world class food.

What isn’t there to do in Italy?  Visit the ruins of Pompeii, the Leaning Town of Pisa, The Vatican, The Colosseum, or the famous canals of Venice. The hardest part about Italy is choosing what you’re not going to do. 


10.  Key West, Florida

Stay in the states; feel like you’re in another world! 

An absolutely great option for those looking to stay in the U.S. Key West is blast, with its endless entertainment, famous nightlife, and plentiful bars, restaurants and shopping. The tropical landscape is flat and good for bike riding and walking.

The nightlife needs no introduction, but if you’re looking for culture, Key West has that, too! Visit Ernest Hemingway’s house and take a peek into the office where he wrote many of his novels, stop by the museum, and after, go to his favorite bar and drink! Hemingway would’ve liked the thought of that.

– P. Telesk

Travel information provided by
MJ Travel


Spice up your Event with a Live Game Show

ABC DJ Entertainment is proud to announce Live Game Shows.  Hosted by a trained certified Master of Ceremonies that can be played anytime.  This is a fun and unique way to add excitement to your wedding celebration, rehearsal or engagement party.  The game is perfect for today’s couples, who are looking for ways to make their celebration the talk of the town.  

The Newly Engaged Wedding Game has great eye appeal with professional sound and visual effects. This gives you and your guests the feeling that they are participating in a real style TV game show.  You may also decide to have your games play in the style of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune or even Family Feud.  Each game is exclusively customized with questions and answers tailored for you, your family and friends.

Creating a fun filled interactive experience that will last a lifetime.

Live Game Shows
a division of ABC ‘DJ’ Wedding Entertainment

Mystery Shrouds East Mountain Inn

No, there wasn’t a real life game of Clue which took place. And, no, there isn’t a ghost plaguing guests in some non-existent room. However big things are happening at the East Mountain Inn, and employees seem rather tight lipped about the changes taking place.

Thanks to a working knowledge of basic detective skills we picked up from watching reruns of Law and Order, we were able to deduce a few things. One, is that we know they‘re renovating. Two, we know the ballroom, hallways, and front desk will be fully renovated. And three, the big one…is still a mystery.

Okay, we never said we were very good detectives. But we do know one thing — whatever is happening seems very, very, exciting. Maybe we’re wrong, but when was the last time you heard a boring secret?

If you’re tying the ol’ knot, East Mountain Inn might prove to be a delightful little surprise. So, keep your eyes peeled in the near future for what these mysterious changes turn out to be. You never know — East Mountain Inn just may be the best surprise since the day he popped the question.

East Mountain Inn & Suites

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