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Vows from the Heart

Although many couples decide to recite standard wedding vows, many are choosing to personalize their own. Some couples feel that in the most poignant moment of their lives, they don’t want to delegate the task to others. So, for those whose hearts are bursting with self-expression, the following are just some suggestions as to how you might proceed.

Begin with “I choose you because …” or “As we embark on life’s journey together, I want to acknowledge and thank you for …” Here, you may wish to extol the virtues of your intended, highlighting his or her attributes. Continue by stating how and why you are a better person for having met your fiancé(e). “Since we met, I awaken to each new day realizing …” Next, explain how your life and goals, now conjoined with your loved one, will be fulfilled. For example, “Never could I have envisioned sharing my dreams with someone who understands what it means to …”

Finally, declare your pledge of loyalty and devotion. “From my heart and with all that I am, I promise to …” Remember to speak from your heart and as though you and your life partner are the only two people in the world. This is your moment. Make the most of it — with love, authenticity and a spark of inspiration.

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