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Vendor Agreements

Memorializing your wedding plans in the form of vendor agreements is of vital importance. Avoid verbal agreements, as these are subject to change — often on a whim. Ensure that your wedding day proceeds smoothly for all parties by reducing your intentions to a writing.

The following information must be included:

  • The vendor’s exact name, location, and contact information
  • Your exact name, location, and contact information
  • The precise day, date, time, and location of your wedding
  • The specific nature of the vendor’s services that will be performed on your behalf, including any additional services for which you agree to contract
  • All agreed-upon fees, payment methods and due dates, including installment payments and any overtime costs

The agreement must be a full expression of the parties’ intent. In other words, don’t leave anything out.

You may also want to meet the individual(s) with whom you contract, so as to receive a firsthand impression of their confidence level, integrity, and work ethic. Speaking to your vendors by phone will also provide you with a clear understanding of who they are and their quality of work.

Be proactive with your research and follow up with questions. Word-of-mouth recommendations are always helpful. You can never be too thorough in choosing your service providers — especially when you’re relying on them to make your wedding day shine.

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