Great Exuma

Make your honeymoon a great experience… with a getaway close to home.  Enjoy the calm, relaxing sun in Great Exuma.

Great Exuma

Grand Isle Resort & Spa

Exuma.   Even the names sounds exotic.   But this chain of islands in the Bahamas is so close to home for many on the east coast, it makes for a quick, easy and absolutely amazing honeymoon destination for those seeking solitude and relaxation.

 Great Exuma Island is home to a well known all-inclusive resort, as well as villa/residential and smaller boutique accommodations.   This destination is a truly relaxing one, but still offers numerous adventure activities.   The scenery is stunning, with white sand beaches and crystal clear multi-blue colored water.   The weather is ideal….balmy and breezy.

Great Exuma

Great Exuma Island has a population of around 4,000 and offers a serene and peaceful time.     Compared to other islands, Great Exuma is not overrun by tourists or cruise ships, making for a truly relaxing getaway.   The island is relatively secluded and offers couples the chance to hide away on a white sand beach, or enjoy a picnic for two in a private cay.   There are no beach vendors selling their wares….just quiet, calm and relaxing places to sun yourself and let the day drift by.  

 But it’s not all relaxation time for those looking for some excitement.  There are options to play golf at a championship golf course with views that you can’t imagine.   Couples can play tennis, visit a spa, go scuba diving, participate in world class fishing, along with a host of other water sports.   Experienced guides are for hire and they are happy to add some extra adrenaline into your Caribbean honeymoon. Truly something for everyone.

Great Exuma

Great Exuma offers an abundance of history and culture as well. Couples can visit the remains of cotton growing and salt farm plantations at Williams Town.  History abounds at Elizabeth Harbor which was once a favorite stop for pirates. The harbor is home to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park as well.

Great Exuma

Couples seeking adventure will be enticed by the endless amount of activities available on Great Exuma Island.   Couples won’t want to miss a boat tour to visit the famous swimming pigs!  For anyone who follows a popular “dating” show on TV, you may remember the cast visiting these well-known swimming pigs!    In addition, couples can visit an nearby island where you can go ashore and feed grapes to the hundreds of iguanas that emerge from the foliage when they hear your boat pull up.   Truly a sight to see!

Great ExumaGreg Norman 18 Hole Golf Course

 A honeymoon in this romantic Caribbean location will surely be memorable.   Great Exuma guarantees lasting memories of days in the sun, fun and romance!   A truly relaxing destination, off the beaten path, but so close to home.

– Melanie Jascoviez  CTC / DS 
MJ Travel


Photos provided by Grand Isle Resort & Spa – Great Exuma

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